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Latest Treatments for Peripheral Neuropathy Causes

As more people continue to be diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy, various medical and government organizations begin to worry about the cause of such morbidity all over the globe regardless of efforts being done. Is it a failure in information dissemination or a failure on the part of the public to make use of all available options and resources that have been provided to them to smoothly deal with peripheral neuropathy, especially neuropathic pain?


Today, we would like to make 2013 a year of strength for those who are being burdened by the existence of peripheral neuropathy in this blessed world. After all, man has to deal with everything in his environment—internally and externally. Thus, each of us has to intensify the amount of knowledge we have regarding peripheral neuropathy before waking up one day realizing that we are already living in a life that we simply used to experience in books or nightmares.

Diabetes-Leading causes of peripheral neuropathy at present
As the number of patients being diagnosed with diabetes increases, the number of individuals eventually acquiring peripheral neuropathy also increases. There isn’t any problem with the amount of information and availability of services to decrease the number of individuals being diagnosed of having diabetes. However, with the number of changes that our world has taken as it leaps and adapts to the demands of practical life and the demands of the masses, poor lifestyle practices or habits are usually unavoidable.

Poor lifestyle and health habits

People need to get a grip on pushing harder for maintaining a healthy lifestyle no matter what their daily challenges are at work, home, or in their respective neighborhoods. Most people would say that due to financial challenges they aren’t able to maintain their health. This is why deficiencies leading to b12 neuropathy are considered part of this category.

However, one must know that one’s will to avoid peripheral neuropathy or any other disease can be seen in his manner of prioritizing or giving value to things that will maintain his or her health. An example of poor prioritization or decision-making for one’s health is seen in the on-going alcoholism of individuals faced with tremendous amounts of pressure from work or home.

Physically induced trauma
Although some may usually categorize this under the lifestyle reasons for acquiring peripheral neuropathy, this has been separated to give the public a certain amount of focus on things they encounter each day. This may be something that your muscles and supplying nerves encounter each day at work or during simple routines at home.

These are activities that lead to either repeated trauma of your nerves or a one-time big-time injury such as that of a vehicular accident. Such incidents would cause damage to the nerves. Even physical activities that may seem to be non-injuring or less traumatic to the body can damage the nerves when constantly repeated without any precautionary measures. In order to determine what actions can damage your nerves, keep in mind that any action that causes a certain portion of the body to be constricted, hyper-extended, or twisted may lead to nerve injury.

Lack of awareness
You may be wondering why this isn’t one of the top causes for having peripheral neuropathy. With the vast sources that people or patients can tap into just to get adequate information about peripheral neuropathy, the percentage of this category causing peripheral neuropathy these days have decreased. However, there are still a lot of individuals especially in the age bracket of middle to late adulthood as well as those from urban areas that are not well-versed about this kind of disease.

Most fatal causes of peripheral neuropathy

When it comes to peripheral neuropathy, the chances of recovery and healing are considered to be slow and usually far from achievable. However, despite this being true, it is important for people to know that having peripheral neuropathy, as complicated as this condition may be, is all about adapting to the condition and not getting rid of it. Here are some of the fatal causes of peripheral neuropathy as well as their possible treatments that patients can consider:

Genetic diseases
These are diseases that will not only damage your immune system and allow entry of other pathogens, but importantly, they destroy the ability of your nerves to convey sensory and motor signals to and from the brain and other body parts. Examples of these diseases are Friedrich’s ataxia and Charcot–Marie–Tooth syndrome.

Inflammatory diseases
These are diseases that start chronic inflammations in your body and avoid normal or fast wound healing processes to occur smoothly. Examples of this are Guillain–Barré syndrome and Systemic Lupus Erythematosis. These diseases do not only affect the sensory–motor functions of your nerves but also your immune system functions.

Published on May 27, 13
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