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Types of Neuropathy

One of the most important and yet most complex parts of the body is the nervous system. It consists of nerves and other structures that supply information to the brain. Nerves are responsible for the proper functioning of the organs in our body and without these vital structures bodily movements and other internal processes cease to operate normally. The disease most commonly associated with the malfunction of the nerves is referred to as nerve neuropathy.


There are several kinds of nerve neuropathy that have been identified by doctors and neurologists. One way of classifying them is based on the diseases that have brought about the damage and negative effects to the nerves. One basic example is the nerve damage brought about by a person’s diabetes. This type of neuropathy can then be categorized as diabetic neuropathy. Other examples include peripheral neuropathy, optic neuropathy and acoustic neuropathy to name a few.


A complication of diabetes, diabetic neuropathy, is a result of the damage brought about to the nerves by hyperglycemia or a state of having too much sugar in the blood (high sugar levels).  Some of the symptoms of the condition include numbness of the muscles, a tingling sensation in the abdominal tract and having droopy eyelids. Those who fall under the category of being obese and people with high blood pressure and those with high blood sugar levels are at risk of developing this kind of nerve damage. You can prevent this condition from happening when you exercise every day and stay clear of vices such as drinking and especially smoking.


As the term implies peripheral neuropathy is a problem that affects the peripheral nervous system or those nerves which are located outside of the spinal cord and the brain. This kind of neuropathy targets the body’s extremities like the hands and the feet.  A person experiencing this kind of nerve damage would experience pain in the feet, hands, hips or buttocks. Your body would also feel very weak and of course numbness would occur.  Losing feeling and the ability to control muscles are also some of the determining factors in this case.


On the other hand optic neuropathy and acoustic neuropathy both belong to a kind of neuropathy referred to as cranial neuropathy wherein the nerves which are directly linked to the brain are damaged. Specifically optic neurology deals with the damaged nerves transmitting visual images to the brain to interpret while auditory neuropathy deals with the nerves that transmit sounds to the brain.

Published on June 20, 12
By admin