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Peripheral Neuropathy treatment and Facts


Peripheral Neuropathy is not a disease per se but a complication of certain disorders or injuries. Although there are few cases where it is debilitating, the condition is reversible, most especially if the underlying cause is highly treatable. However, awareness is still very important for early detection. Definition This condition occurs when there is damage [...]

Published on July 10, 13
By admin

Handling Alcoholic Neuropathy

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An individual with alcoholic neuropathy must address the cause – which is of course the extreme intake of alcohol. Once the problem is addressed, the treatment follows. Although, this neurological condition doesn’t have any cure yet, there are still a lot of treatments that can promote independence and control symptoms. Every treatment has goals. For [...]

Published on July 4, 13
By admin

Food rules for diabetic neuropathy sufferers


What is diabetic neuropathy? Diabetic neuropathy is resulted when the peripheral nerves have been damaged, entrapped or compressed due to dangerously high amounts of sugar levels in the blood. This damage can cause malfunction in the operation of the peripheral nerves. The peripheral nerves are responsible for transmitting information to and from the brain and [...]

Published on July 1, 13
By admin

What Is Peripheral Neuropathy?


PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY REFERS to any affliction of the peripheral nerves. These nerves span the body, similar to wires in an electrical network, and connect the skin, joints, muscles, and internal organs to the brain and spinal cord, which make up the central nervous system. Peripheral nerves lie outside the central nervous system and that’s why [...]

Published on July 1, 13
By admin

Patterns of Neuropathy Focal and Multifocal

medicine for neuropathy

Neuropathies can be focal, generalized or multifocal. When there is only one nerve involved, usually by focal compression or trauma, the manifestations are restricted to the distribution of that particular nerve. For instance, a focal neuropathy comprise of carpal tunnel syndrome, this is a condition in which compression of pain in the palm of the [...]

Published on July 1, 13
By admin

How to Recover From Neuropathy?


Human body comprises of different types of nerves which are responsible for transmitting signals to and from your brain. Any damage to the network of nerves in the body results in a condition known as neuropathy. The reasons for this damage can be malnutrition, diabetes, repeated strain on nerves, direct or indirect injury, excessive alcoholism [...]

Published on June 18, 13
By admin

Neuropathy and the complications associated with it


Neuropathy is the disease of the nerves where the damaged nerves send distorted pain signals to the brain and the spinal cord. This damage can result from different causes and variable factors. The symptoms of neuropathy are dependent on the type of the nerve damaged and the site of the damage. Symptoms associated with neuropathy: [...]

Published on June 14, 13
By admin

common forms of diabetic neuropathy – focal and proximal neuropathy


Focal neuropathy is better known as diabetic focal neuropathy and it affects a single nerve or group of nerves in a specific site in the body. This restricted nerve damage can occur in any location such as head, chest, wrist, leg, foot, thighs, abdomen, eye, facial muscles etc. It is also called mononeuropathy. This type [...]

Published on May 27, 13
By admin

Getting to Grips to Relieving Neuropathic Pain


The year 2013 is known to be the year of the sea serpent. Since one of the things that it symbolizes is guardianship, we need to be reminded of our own personal responsibilities of guarding our own bodies from diseases or any kind of harm, such as peripheral neuropathy and nerve damage. One of the [...]

Published on May 27, 13
By admin

Recovering from Peripheral Neuropathy 2013

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As we enter another year that draws us closer to a highly advanced and well-informed race into the future, 2013 provides us with better ways of dealing with peripheral neuropathy. From the past, until the present, and even up to the uncertain future, one thing will always be true in dealing with peripheral neuropathy or [...]

Published on May 27, 13
By admin