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8 Tips To Get Rid Of Headaches


Headaches can be a hindrance to your performance in home or job related work. Headaches can bring a very annoying feeling and when they turn into severe pain, you might have no alternative but stop what you are doing. Well, headaches are known occurrences that anyone can have. But sometimes, headaches occur due to specific [...]

Published on April 22, 13
By leo

What are the Causes of Neuropathy

reflexology foot massage both feet

  It is surprising that a third of neuropathy cases have an unknown cause while another third is associated closely with diabetes. However, there are still a lot of medical conditions which neuropathy could arise from. What are the other underlying factors?   Understanding the Condition It is essential to understand the nature of the [...]

Published on April 7, 13
By leo

Symptoms of Neuropathy

pins and neuropathy

Most people who suffer from neuropathy do not realize it immediately. This is mainly because neuropathy is usually a secondary disease in most cases. Some of the symptoms of neuropathy can easily be ignored as obvious occurrences until they start getting worse. For instance, most people experience numbness in their fingers or toes but that [...]

Published on March 14, 13
By admin

Symptoms of Neuropathy

Neuropathy is a serious condition that is usually related to an underlying condition. Patients with Parkinson’s disease, Guillian-Barre, HIV/AIDS and immune deficiency diseases will be likely to exhibit symptoms of neuropathy because of the amount of damage that their body endured from their disease.   It is not a disease but a peripheral condition that [...]

Published on June 20, 12
By admin