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How to Recover From Neuropathy?


Human body comprises of different types of nerves which are responsible for transmitting signals to and from your brain. Any damage to the network of nerves in the body results in a condition known as neuropathy. The reasons for this damage can be malnutrition, diabetes, repeated strain on nerves, direct or indirect injury, excessive alcoholism [...]

Published on June 18, 13
By admin

Can Neuropathy be Reversed?


Neuropathy basically means that the nerves are not functioning. It is a type of disorder in the sensory, motor, and autonomic nerves that is also known as peripheral neuropathy.  Most patients who suffer from neuropathy are adults, but it can develop in anybody, regardless of age.   Although the most common cause of this illness is [...]

Published on May 17, 13
By admin



Neuropathy is one of the most common disorders among people the world over. There are different types of neuropathic disorders and all of them are classified based on the symptoms and the causes. Alcohol neuropathy is one of the commonly know disorders among many alcohol users and it is generally associated with chronic alcohol abuse. [...]

Published on April 26, 13
By leo

10 Most Effective Guidelines For Reducing Chronic Back Pain


Studies reveal that people who suffer from neuropathy experience attacks of back pains regularly. Back pains can occur in the upper and lower back and these pains may be triggered by different factors. In neuropathy, the back ache is often the result of nerve pains. The chronic back pain can also affect other parts of [...]

Published on April 22, 13
By leo

5 Chronic Back Pain Management Tips


It is really difficult to cope with your daily life if you are suffering from chronic back pain. Proper pain management is required to thwart chronic back pain attacks. Remember that back pain can come intermittently and can last for long time. If you are at work, your performance will be jeopardized and you may [...]

Published on April 22, 13
By leo

Lifestyle Changes which Help with Your Neuropathy

  Getting sick is simply a part of life. Getting the common cold for one is something everyone experiences from time to time. However, something not everyone has to live with is neuropathy and the pain it brings. Also, the lack of information on neuropathy makes awareness of this condition obscure to the public. Like [...]

Published on April 6, 13
By leo

Treatment of Neuropathy

neuropathy treatment 1

  The damage on peripheral nerves is known as neuropathy, and it affects the proper functioning of different nerves. In most cases, neuropathy is a secondary disease that is a result of injury of the nerves, toxins in the body, trauma and much more. Treatment of neuropathy is mostly based on establishing if the type [...]

Published on March 14, 13
By admin

Treatment for Neuropathy


It is very difficult for any human being to function without the nervous system. This is the center of all communication that influences our actions. Peripheral neuropathy occurs when the nervous system is damaged, tampering with communication to the vital organs of the body. There is no coordination between the brain and other parts of [...]

Published on March 14, 13
By admin

Developments in Neuropathy Treatments

Neuropathy is a widespread condition that affects millions of people all over the world. The most basic explanation of neuropathy is this: nerve damage. The condition is a lot more complex than that though. The number of nerves it can affect varies, and the causes are almost innumerable. Neuropathy can either affect a single nerve, [...]

Published on July 7, 12
By admin

This nerve damage is mostly caused by inflammation of body nerves

If you simply broke down the word into two, you get ‘neuro’ which means ‘nerve’ and ‘pathy’ which means ‘damage’ so basically neuropathy is nerve-damage. This nerve damage is mostly caused by inflammation of body nerves. While it might sound very basic it is a condition which is commonly referred to as idiopathic which means [...]

Published on June 20, 12
By admin