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Neuropathy, its kinds and symptoms


Neuropathy is a chronic pain that occurs due to any change or damage to the peripheral nervous system. This change may be a pathological change or it can be any functional disturbance due to which pain occurs. Neuropathy can result in pain and weakness in different parts of body. The most important kind of neuropathy [...]

Published on April 26, 13
By leo

Charcot-Marie-tooth disorder


What is Charcot-Marie-tooth disorder? Charcot-Marie-tooth disorder which is named after the three doctors that discovered it, is one of the most common inherited nerve disorders. It has been estimated that CMT affects about 1 in every 2500 people in the US and there are 2.6 million individuals affected by it worldwide. CMT is also referred [...]

Published on April 21, 13
By leo

What are the Treatments for Neuropathy?


The signs and symptoms of neuropathy range from very mild to very serious. Whatever the severity of the disorder is, you still have to give it necessary attention. There is a multitude of treatments available to control the symptoms, and medical practitioners advise that the symptoms be treated according to the underlying cause.   Using [...]

Published on April 7, 13
By leo

What is Neuropathy and What Is Your Diet’s Role in Neuropathy?

If you are dealing the following symptoms: pins-and-needle sensations, numbness, pain or loss of sensation and burning sensations that may result in muscle atrophy, muscle weakness, decrease of fine muscle control, it may mean that the nerves of your muscles are being affected and you are a suffering from neuropathy.   What is neuropathy and [...]

Published on June 20, 12
By admin

Common Symptoms of Neuropathy

When it comes to the diagnosis of neuropathic complications the symptoms are always important as they help in the identification of the different kinds of nerve complications. Knowing what to look for will therefore be important especially in helping to seek early treatment in case any of the signs are experienced. Below are some of [...]

Published on June 20, 12
By admin