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How to Make Neuropathy Treatment Program Work Better for You?

medicine for neuropathy

Medical science has advanced tremendously in the last hundred years. It is due to this progress that we see patients making unexpected improvements from severe diseases and injuries. Obviously there are some health problems that tend to be more serious than others. A few of them require more time and great efforts to heal. Then [...]

Published on August 1, 13
By admin

Neuropathy and the complications associated with it


Neuropathy is the disease of the nerves where the damaged nerves send distorted pain signals to the brain and the spinal cord. This damage can result from different causes and variable factors. The symptoms of neuropathy are dependent on the type of the nerve damaged and the site of the damage. Symptoms associated with neuropathy: [...]

Published on June 14, 13
By admin

8 Chronic Pain Management Tips For Seniors


Chronic pain is a type of pain that does not go away easily and may even last for several days, weeks and months. The pain can vary in intensity and can be persistent or intermittent .Chronic pain should not be mistaken for acute pain because the latter does not last for a long time and [...]

Published on April 22, 13
By leo

7 Measures For Headache Pain Relief


Some people ignore headache by assuming that it will go away on its own without treating it. However, there are some headaches that can be very painful and you cannot wait to take the pills. Headache is really one kind of pain that anyone can suffer. It does not care about the gender, height and [...]

Published on April 22, 13
By leo

Foot neuropathy


What is foot neuropathy? Neuropathy is the term used to describe nerve pain or nerve damage. Foot neuropathy refers to nerve damage in the feet which can make walking a testing task. Walking barefoot or with shoes can become excruciating as the damaged nerves send pain messages to the brain and the spinal cord. If [...]

Published on April 21, 13
By leo

Diabetic neuropathy


What is diabetic neuropathy? Diabetes has become a global endemic due to factors like sedentary lifestyle and a rise in obesity. About 26 million people in US alone are affected by diabetes. If diabetics ignore or show negligence in maintenance of their blood glucose levels, the blood glucose level can surge out of control. This [...]

Published on April 19, 13
By leo

Treating sciatica


What is sciatica? The sciatic nerves are the longest nerves in the body and their size is the same as an individual’s little finger. The sciatic nerves manage the muscles that are located at the back of the knee and the lower leg and proffers sense and feeling to the rear of the thigh, some [...]

Published on April 18, 13
By leo

How to cope with neuropathic pain


Coping with neuropathic pain can be a real challenge especially if it is impacting on the quality of life and all of your daily activities. Chronic nerve pain is not easy to live with but with today’s advancement in scientific research, neuropathic pain can be controlled and dealt with.   Understanding neuropathic pain: Neuropathic pain [...]

Published on April 7, 13
By leo

Neuropathy Pain

pain of neuropathy

Our bodies are structured in a way that if something is not functioning in the right way there will be symptoms to reflect this. Neuropathy is a condition that affects the nerves in our body, and in extreme cases, it causes the body cells to degenerate. There is so much pain that is associated with [...]

Published on March 14, 13
By admin

Managing neuropathic pain

Neuropathy is a disorder that affects millions of people in the United States. Neuropathy is a general term for disorders that are caused by nerve damage. It can be caused by genetic diseases, diabetes, liver failure, hypothyroidism, exposure to heavy metals, lupus, multiple sclerosis, leprosy, vitamin deficiency, physical trauma, exposure to radiation and many more. [...]

Published on July 7, 12
By admin