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Can you treat neuropathic pain without drugs side effects?



Neuropathy is a condition that affects the normal functioning of peripheral nerves. There are different reasons that are attributed to neuropathy and the cause will vary from one person to another. In most cases, neuropathy is irreversible since the damage to the nerves is of a permanent nature.  The treatment of neuropathy is mostly aimed at preventing further damage to the nerves. In order to understand how you can treat neuropathy without using drugs, we will focus on the different types of neuropathies and the best remedy.
Treating neuropathy due to nutritional deficiency
If one is suffering from nutritional deficiency neuropathy, the only solution is to replenish the nutrient that is lacking. Replenishing the deficient nutrient might reverse the neuropathy fully or partially. All you need to do is identify what nutrient is missing in your body and then start the process of rectifying the condition.  For instance, if you are suffering from lack of vitamins, there are supplements that you can use to replenish vitamins in the body. It would be wrong to try and treat neuropathy without establishing the cause since you might end up treating the wrong thing and cause more problems to your nerves.
Neuropathy secondary to other diseases
There are also some cases where one would be suffering from neuropathies that are secondary to other diseases. The treatment for such neuropathies can be achieved by treating the primary disease. In most cases, neuropathy is common to those who are diabetic. The treatment for this type of neuropathy is normally supportive and some conditions are reversible while others are totally irreversible. You achieve treatment by controlling the blood sugar level in the body.
Allergen neuropathies
There are some neuropathies that are as a result of allergy due to certain foods or drugs. Some drugs like Phenytoin, chloroquine and others have a toxic effect on the nerves and these results in this type of neuropathy. In order to treat such neuropathies, you just have to avoid the allergen food and also stop using the drugs that have toxic substances in them.
It is very easy to treat neuropathy without necessarily having to use drugs that might have side effects. There are some therapeutic treatments for neuropathy. The secret lies in identifying the cause and from there you can find the ideal natural remedy. The success rate of the treatment will vary depending on the extent of damage to the nerves.

Published on July 9, 12
By admin

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