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Basics of neuropathy

Motor neuropathy is a condition that affects the nerves that control movement. Some of the most common causes are listed here: firstly, diabetic patients are more prone to contracting this disorder. The high blood sugar level within the blood is responsible for causing the damage to nerves within the peripheral nervous system. Secondly, cancer patients are also more susceptible to contracting this disorder. Nutritional deficiency such as the lack of vitamins in the body can also cause this type of neuropathy. Genetic factors are also known to cause this type of disorder. Exposure to toxic chemicals and drugs is also one of the factors that cause this type of neuropathy. Alcoholism and cigarette smoking is also known to be a causative agent of this type of neuropathy.



The symptoms of the motor neuropathy are many and varied. Firstly, the patient will often complain of pain and a tingly feeling on the hands the feet and the legs. The patient would also experience a burning sensation on these affected body parts. In some instances the patient would also experience difficulty in swallowing of food. The patient may also complain of decrease in sexual libido due to erectile dysfunction. Difficulty in passing of urine is also a symptom of the disorder. The patient may also complain of general muscle weaknesses. Other symptoms of the disorder include difficulty in walking. Difficulty in moving of the hands is also considered to be another symptom of the disorder. Numbness in the affected body parts is also another symptom of the disorder.

Diagnosis of the disorder is done to check on the general response of the body to various stimuli. The doctor may do this to check on the response of the body to temperature changes and texture changes. It is also critical that the patient’s medical history is clearly known so that the doctor may be able to know if there is an underlying cause. Other tests that are done on the patient to diagnose this disorder include biopsies and chemical tests on the blood of the patient. X-rays may also be done on the patients and electrical tests may also be done on the muscles of the patients to check on the general muscle weakness.

There is no definite treatment for motor neuropathy. But the medication offered by the doctor would be targeted towards the causing agent. The patient may also be advised to have a change in lifestyle.

Published on November 13, 12
By admin

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